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I broke it ):
I spoke too soon, I'll be doing Single Player for a while.
I'm back, game is running smoother for me. :)
Additional worlds reset. Please move slowly when exploring
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Come vote for new pack!

daliena a posted Jun 18, 16

^^^^^^^ Poll is at the above link ^^^^^^^^^

New pack for Direwolf server?

daliena a posted Mar 7, 16  -  newspoll

Hi all,

It looks like Infinity is still living but Direwolf definitely outlived it's prime. We have a new map and barely any activity. Let's brainstorm on which pack you would like to see. I am adding a poll here but also option to comment. We will review feedback and inform you guys on what we have decided.

battlemonger1 skyfactory (skyblock map, ATlauncher), project ozone (high tech questing skyblock map, Curse launcher), ferret business ...
battlemonger1 why not skyfactory 2.4?
daliena a I tried to get Attack of the B Team to run as server unsuccessfully unfortunately... More research is needed. I don'...

Migration Updates

daliena a posted Feb 19, 16  -  update

Hi all!!

We have migrated to the new box - yay!!! Please, note the ip update for Infinity:

Infinity did NOT get a map reset, we are still on pack version 2.3.5. Everything has been migrated and server is up. I will be working over next few days to get voting fixed, ranks, update economy plugin and do some other maintenance work on Infinity.

Note: Your waypoints may not carry over if you add this ip as another new server. Instead just edit your existing server entry in the client and change the ip.

Direwolf20 DID get a map reset and pack has been updated to 1.10 version. I have been able to successfully login without a timeout after figuring out that AOBD mod was causing issues. The mod has been disabled server side, nothing additional needs to be done in the client configuration. The map is bare, not much has been done - got some work to do on this map as well. Basic gamerules have been set as always only in overworld thou. Same for this pack, will be working on getting it up to speed in the next few days.

Comment if you have any questions,



daliena a Hmmm... I've been thinking about other than DW20 pack. I ve been checking out Revenge of the C-Team and have enjoye...
CatheteriZedEYE because the DW20 server is so young and fresh, with not many peeps on, would you do a thought in making the server the s...
csb2011 How come when I try to open the DW20 Mystic Horizons Server, my entire FTB setup closes. It's like clicking the clo...

Server Maintenance

daliena a posted Feb 15, 16  -  News

Hi guys!

We are migrating to another box and Infinity and DW20 will be experiencing some downtime starting today while we move the files over. Watch for announcements when the process is complete. We will move the files over and no map resets will take place.

Infinity: Due to popularity we will retain Infinity and you will start where you left off, no map resets or world resets. Estimated downtime - one day max.

Direwolf20: We will start a brand new map. However, if usage is low we will discontinue the pack and retain Infinity as one main FTB pack. Estimated downtime - one day unless we continue encountering Time Out issues. If we run into problems - potentially slightly longer downtime.

If you have any questions or feedback - post your comments here!


~ Dalie

SplitJugular i keep getting tempted to get back to infinity, i have a grand idea, but i still havent finished my tower
csb2011 Split, if you want to take on another project, you can do something similar in Infinity.
daliena a I'll try one more time - maybe I'll get old map carried over we'll see.

Be like Dalie...

daliena a posted Jan 25, 16  -  funz

This is Dalie.

Dalie LOVES Infinity FTB. ♥

Dalie is considerate of other players.

She doesn't go craft 1 billion cobble & makes it rain cobble.

Dalie tries not to haul a$$ thru Twilight when a few of her fellow players are online just so not to lag them to hell.

She kills her farm cows regularly to keep them basterds in check.

Dalie's favourite key is F9. She builds her multiblocks within a chunk so not to cause issues for the server.

Dalie is smart. Be like Dalie.

FonFonX Be a rebel.
battlemonger1 by the way, who the hell crafted 1 billion cobble?
waterbottlez Dalie, I could not have described it any better!
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